Scientific Facts that Travel Is Good for Your Health

Travelling is a food for soul, and the more you do it, the more wisdom you can carry with you. Along with the bliss that it offers, there are also proven health benefits of travelling. It is not just an activity to free your mind, but it is also meant for keeping it healthy, along with your body. Here are the seven scientific facts which proves that travel is good for your health.

You are exposed to new environments

Living in a single captive area can make your immune system weaker if it is suddenly exposed to the outside environment. But while you are travelling, you are exposed to different environments throughout which create stronger antibodies in your body which boosts your immune system in the process.

Your stress level goes down

While you are travelling, you are leaving behind the stress of your regular life. And it is also proven in science that travel increases your happiness and decrease your depression. In a study, it was shown that three days after vacation, the travelers felt more relaxed and less anxious. Their mood also changed with a great improvement, and the feeling lasted for a weeks.

You experience better brain health

When you find yourself in a new place, it gives your brain a lot of activities to keep you busy. You start adapting to new situations and become more aware, culturally and globally. It can develop your cognitive flexibility, keeping your mind sharp and flexible. It has also been observed that the people who travel have more creativity and a deeper sense of cultural awareness. They are also more open and emotionally stable than the rest.

You will have less risk of heart disease

Travelling away from home reduces the stress level and anxiety, which in turn keep the heart pumping normally. More and more people are preferring travelling to get back to being healthy rather than spending on therapies. A study showed that men and women who traveled annually were less likely to suffer from a heart disease.

You will be fit

Travelling is not roaming around sitting in a bus clicking pictures. It is a type of exercise which forces you to be active and walk. Even if we are not talking part in any adventure sports, mere walking through the market of a destination can contribute to being fit. You can take long walks on the beaches which will make your muscles work double the usual.

Earth has healing spots

This is as welcoming as it sounds. The hot springs of Turkey or Iceland which draws the healing properties. Soaking in these mineral-rich waaters can improve your skin and relieve any pain and stress. There are places where the earth powers are found to be healing and uplifting. Some of the famous energy points are pyramids of Egypt, Sedona, Mount Desert Island.