About Us

Ethno-household “Sekler” has been providing services in catering and rural tourism since 1991. The household has an ethno-restaurant, rooms, a log cabin with two apartments and a log cabin with one apartment.

Restaurant “BELI BAGREM” is designed and furnished in ethno-style, with a large, enclosed terrace of wood and stone, with a capacity of over 100 seats.

With the warm hospitality of the Shackler family, their excellent cuisine, where food can be prepared at the request of the guests, as well as the willingness to meet you and introduce you to the natural beauty of the area, you are guaranteed a holiday filled with joy, peace and richness. amenities that make your stay on this beautiful mountain.

The Shackler family invites you to experience Rudno and share your impressions with others, who could also enjoy the beauty and charm of rural and mountain tourism. Here you will not feel like a guest or a tourist, but as part of a comfortable family environment. You are always and truly in the household of the Shackler family – WELCOME!